Sandra “Sunny“ Kluge, hailed by Travis Knights as “one of the finest tap dancers of her generation”, is a tap dance musician, writer, and visual artist based in Brooklyn. 

Her performance credits include Thomas Marek's show NOLA, the sound art/tap performance Homöostep, the Tap Ahead Festival at tanzhaus nrw (Düsseldorf), and Daniel Luka's T.A.P. She has been invited to teach at renowned facilities such as tanzhaus nrw,  tap club (Cologne), and Rebeltanz (Münster), and to be a tap dancer in residence at Thomas Marek's Studio Footprints.

Her tap dance concept video Extend:Beyond - Regarding Art has received critical acclaim and is the winner of ArtKompetes’ International Short Film Competition.

Sandra is the author of the blog Eclectic Grounds, has been a guest writer for Dance Advantage, and is a writer for Dance Writer Australia

Her artistic works have been featured in publications such as Average Art, The Tap Love Tour Podcast, What Moves You, and Not Random Art.

She first started tap dancing at the age of 10 under the direction of her Mom. From then on, she was influenced by many different teachers and mentors, such as Barbara Duffy, Sebastian Weber, Pia Neises, Derick Grant, Sarah Petronio, and Heather Cornell, to only name a few. She graduated from the tap dance apprenticeship S.O.N.T.I. with magna cum laude.

Sandra considers herself a musician, and the tap shoes are her instrument. Her style is deeply rooted in the aesthetic of jazz music, however, her art is not tied to a specific genre. It is merely a tool to create the most genuine and sophisticated expression possible. A catalyst to explore art as an extension of the human experience. Her visual art, which spans the realms of abstract art, illustration, and pattern design, serves as a tool to share the beauty she sees in the world with others.