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Feature interview on Vocalo

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In Clementine, her debut single, Sandra Kluge’s intricate Tap Percussion demonstrates that Tap can be both a soloing and accompanying instrument.


Tap shoes on wood as well as sand played with bare feet create a unique sound texture that stands out from the crowd.


Together with luscious vocals, dreamy strings, and multidimensional synth and keyboard harmonies, the song inspires the listener to be present and to embrace one’s struggles as an opportunity to grow instead of running away from oneself and one’s obstacles.


“Tap is not just the cherry on top of a song. It can be the basis of a piece of music that is groovy and emotionally engaging. I think like a drummer, and I play like a drummer, with my feet.

I don’t dance to a song, I play it. I don’t choreograph, I compose.

- Sandra Kluge


This has been in the making for years – Sandra has been experimenting with composing for and recording Tap in a quest to elevate it beyond the superficial image of being a mere entertainment act. For her, Tap has always been primarily a music instrument.

Traditionally, Tap appears in the context of being a “featured solo act”. Sandra is curious about how Tap can be much more: an accompanying (and soloing) instrument that has the ability to carry an entire song.


“I want my audience to be able to take my art everywhere they go. A Tap Dance performance you have to go see in a theater or pull up a video. A song with Tap Percussion you can put in your pocket and listen to wherever, whenever you want. In the same way that certain music artists have been and are providing a soundtrack to my own life, I hope to provide the same for others.”

- Sandra Kluge