Coming from a family of musicians (including saxophone and clarinet players, a violist, a classical guitar and recorder player, and a vocalist), Sandra took her first tap steps at age 10 when she asked her Mom, an avid tap lover, to show her some basics. Her passion for making music with her feet was ignited, and she began seeking out master teachers from around the world, as there were no tap classes in the small town in Germany she grew up in.

Her trips brought her to study with artists such as Sebastian Weber, Barbara Duffy, Pia Neises, Derick Grant, Brenda Bufalino, and many many more. Between workshops, she immersed herself in dedicated self-studies, allowing her to develop her own style and approach to the art form from a young age.

She had the pleasure of being a part of Tap City's Pre-Professional Program in NYC twice, learning and performing original material by Michelle Dorrance and Sarah Petronio, studying tap music with Heather Cornell at her Rhythm Tap Intensive, and graduating from Daniel Luka's S.O.N.T.I. with magna cum laude.


Now a well-respected teacher herself, she has been invited to teach masterclasses at the Tap Dance Days Festival (tanzhaus nrw), Rebeltanz (Münster), tap club (Cologne), Blue Tap (Berlin), Studio B (Tel Aviv), Sound Space (Philadelphia), and more. She has also been invited as a guest Tap Dancer In Residence at Thomas Marek's Studio Footprints (Hamburg). Sandra is an ongoing and guest teacher at NYC studios such as Danceworks Dance Center and Cynthia King Dance Studio, and is a Teaching Artist with Notes In Motion and NJPAC.


In addition, Sandra offers private lessons in person and online, focusing on tap as a music instrument, and teaching tap students of all levels about music theory and practice.


Masterclasses + Workshops

Sandra loves spending time with groups of all levels and backgrounds, exploring topics such as:

Tap Technique  





Playing in a band



Music theory + practice




Tap Composition



Whether it's brushing up on tap basics or delving into more advanced techniques, Sandra has a great many tips and tricks up her sleeve that help students grow and mature in their technical abilities



Improvisation can be practiced! And you can learn how, no matter if you have a vocabulary of 5 or 50 steps.


Learn how to play with other musicians and tap dancers, exploring aspects of musical conversation such as accompanying vs soloing, roles in a band, different styles of music, and listening.



Let's nerd out on music theory! With beginners, Sandra likes to practice exercises that help understand and apply basics such as subdivisions, form, and phrasing. With more advanced students, she likes to get into the world of pocket, polyrhythms, and everything beyond your regular 4/4 time.

Optional guest musicians.


All about developing and playing original music as a tap dancer/tap percussionist. Optional guest musicians.

Private Lessons

Interested in having focused 1-on-1 support in your tap related endeavors? Lessons (in person or online) can include technique, everything you ever wanted to know about music theory and practice in tap, guidance in improvisation, finding your own style, dipping your toes into advanced music concepts such as polyrhythms and weird subdivision groupings, coaching, and anything else you would like to delve into on your own tap journey.

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