Past Events (selection)


• Solo tap looping performances at ESTIA Variety Show (NYC)



• Solo tap looping performances at Young Ethel's (NYC)

• Solo Europe tour (Chameleon Jazz Bar/Bremen; tap club/Cologne; What Is Happening Here Gallery/Amsterdam; Studio   


• Guest artist at Festival de Musique Improvisée de Lausanne with Laurent Bortolotti's Trio Improv'iste

• Premiere of "Anything = Everything", a composition commissioned by the International Contemporary Ensemble, at Ensemble Evolution,        Stiefel Hall at The New School (NYC)
• Guest performer with the Thomas Marek Trio, Theater Arche/Vienna + Brückenstern/Hamburg

• tap ahead festival, tanzhaus nrw/Düsseldorf (solo performer + faculty)



• The Duo Series, prod. by Sandra Kluge (NYC)

• Queensboro Dance Festival’s Turnout NYC with Cole Collective & Max Pollak

• Solo tap looping performance at Artmageddon (NYC)

• Solo tap looping performance at H&R Vaudeville Variety Show (Fleischmanns, NY)

• Mx. Rogers, curated & directed by Caleb Teicher, at Art Bath at The Blue Building (NYC)



• Band set at Hart Bar (NYC)

• Band set at ‘Tapping The Soul’, sponsored by Brooklyn Arts Council (NYC)

• Opening for SoleDefined, choreography Max Pollak, Queens Theatre (NY)
• Rhythm in Motion, choreography Felipe Galganni, Tap City Festival (NYC)



• PUSH Collective Showcase, solo tap looping performance, Threes Brewing (NYC)
• Mare Nostrum Elements’ ECS, choreography Samara Seligsohn, LaGuardia PAC (NYC)



• Sidewoman tap percussionist for Stav G

• Sidewoman tap percussionist for Joanna Schubert

• Artists Elevating Immigrant Narratives, duo w/Chia-Ying Kao, produced and curated by The Creators Collective (NYC)



• Solo performance at Queens Night Market (NYC)

• Tap Dance Days Gala, solo performance, tanzhaus nrw/Düsseldorf
• Swiss Tap Days

• Band Set at Judson Arts Wednesdays, curated by Raquel Rivera

• APAP's Stam-pede



• Tap City Showcase, choreography Sarah Petronio, The Duke on 42nd Street/NYC
• NOLA, produced by Thomas Marek, supported by the Cultural Foundation of the City of Hamburg, Kampnagel/Hamburg

• ‘Homöostep’ at Düsseldorf Photo Weekend, SittART Galerie/Düsseldorf

• Tap City Showcase, choreography Michelle Dorrance, Symphony Space/NYC
• Season opening, tanzhaus nrw/Düsseldorf