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November 05, 2017
Being alive in these unstable, confusing, and occasionally terrifying times, there is one topic that, whenever I stumble upon it, does not fail to restore my hope and faith in humanity. I am talking about stories of how former members of hate groups have found their way out and into a peaceful and happy life that is better for them and for others. The overarching motive in each of these stories is that being shown love and acceptance by the people they least deserved it from has transformed...
September 03, 2017
Practice is an essential part of our lives, and it comes in different shapes and contexts. We practice an instrument, we practice yoga, we practice communication, we practice listening, we practice mindfulness, we practice patience. The list is endless. In this month's article, I would like to share some thoughts about what practicing actually means, how we can practice in a way that serves us, as well as deeper contemplations about practice as a concept for art and life.

July 02, 2017
Not in time. Boring. Always the same. Stupid. Not enough sounds. Too many sounds. Not confident enough. Too perky. Not kind enough. Too nice. Not expressive enough. Too vulnerable. Perfectionism has many voices, but none of them are very pleasant to be around. We probably all have to deal with perfectionism, some more regularly than others. If it's creating a new work, improvising, or even dealing with the tasks of entrepreneurship. We can always find something. Perfectionism can come in...